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Shaun Wallace The Chase ITV Reviews Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Sifu Bryan Barnes

Shaun Wallace, The Chase ITV, The Dark Destroyer reviews Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Shaun came down as a complete beginner in Kung Fu  to traine with the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu School and said he enjoyed the experience very much that he will come and trained again. I have known Shaun for a while and I wanted him to come and experience the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu style.

He was a great sport and he had a lot of fun using the art of the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. We hope to see you again soon Shaun..AKA The Dark Destroyer from the Chase game show, ITV ! enjoy, Sifu.

I found Sifu Bryan when I was in need of self assurance. Mantis Kung fu, adapted to my personal circumstances, gave me the courage to be ready for everything without being scared in a non violent way. I have to thank him for the strength he made me find inside myself. I do not look down when some people try to threat or bully me anymore.
Yolanda R
The Northern Praying Mantis Kungfu Is very beneficial to your self defence, own well being , and skill improvement. I did kung fu at the ' Northern Praying for kung fu school ' it is very good at improving my own skill and boosting my own confidence . Thank you sifu.
Hi, I am Roland. It's almost one year that I joined kung-fu praying mantis school with sifu Bryan. I have to say that I am really glad that I joined kung-fu praying mantis. Apart of techniques and power, you learn to be more self confident , to control your emotions, and your body. Doesn't matter if you are older edge or young, girl or boy.
Poland K
Sifu Bryan Barns, is a divine being having a human experience. He is amongst a handful of people who picked me off of the floor when I was at my lowest. Learning and being taught Northern Praying Mantis, by Sifu Bryan, instilled in me reasonable hope and confidence. As well as taking me to the big screens, where I am now using my skills and talents. I am forever GRATEFUL and WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND. Thank you Sifu Bryan.
Physique-24 Circuit Training & Nutrition
Incredibile experience at the Northern Praying Mantis school, trainings can be tough but so worth it.. It helped a lot to improve my stamina and fitness level and to get good confidence in myself!! Sifu Bryan is incredibly knowledgeable, highly recommend this school!!!
Federico Fuso
My daughter Ellen absolutely loves the junior class. She's tried lots of classes and says Sifu Brian is the best. It's also been very good for her focus, coordination and balance. An absolute top session!
Christ O’Donnell
I am Bryan’s older sister - we learnt this original Kung Fu style at the same time but as it goes I gave up as my passion was not as dedicated unlike my brother! My brother has not given up a day since he started and has developed his skill to where it is now winning competitions and maturing his style to become a well respected teacher to running his own school passing on his knowledge and passion to his students! His dedication and passion is like no other - he truly loves what he does and lives to teach!
Xyz Velo x
Where do I begin... started training over 16 years ago with Sifu Bryan in his class, with the many traits of focus and discipline that these classes taught me it also enabled me to grow with self confidence in my own area of expertise... the classes and especially the teacher always knew best whether it was how to master a technique or how to best rest an injury or even handling difficult situations.... would highly recommend these lessons to everyone as you would all learn and enjoy the experiences.
My son has been attending Northern Praying Mantis for the past three years. The approach taken is one of self control and self defence. This is a more holistic approach which is not driven by taking grades and exams but more focussed on improving the individual child according to their own needs. The classes are small so lots of 1:1 coaching of techniques with the occasional tournament thrown in. All in all a great experience.
Anthony Walker
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