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Sifu Bryan Barnes

Sifu Bryan Barnes has attained the requirements of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts in coaching competence at level 2 and is a First Aider. He has 29 years’ experience in group and personal training.

He is also CRB check and is insure with the British Kung Fu Council for Chinese Martial Arts. Sifu Bryan has also attained a judging qualification from the British Kung Fu Council and is invited yearly to go and judge at the Nationals Kung Fu Competitions.

Sifu Bryan is also a Close Protection Officer which is commonly known as a bodyguard. When he is not teaching he works at a lot of the Red Carpet events and high profile VIP events in London.

My Personal Story

When Sifu Bryan was growing up he used to be bullied in school and was not very confident within him, you wouldn’t have heard a pin drop in the room and on top of that he had mild dyslexia which hamper him a lot in school and this too made him feel very much insecure. Over time he learnt that his mild dyslexia was not a handicap but a special gift.

He also was very quick temper and had trouble expressing his emotions in a positive way but the other problem on top of that was he could not fight or defence himself, as a matter of fact he was very useless at fighting and the other bigger boys and girls would just throw him all over the place.

He was not big in size but within him he always knew that he wanted to help people but his fear of self and not wanting people to know his deepest thoughts because of his low self-esteem hampered his progress.

So before he could move forward as his old ways of thinking and feeling were not helping him to evolve, so if he wanted to help people and be effective then he would have to help himself first, to get over his demons. It was only when he left school that his reading and writing had improve and he started to read a lot of self-help books and he found a Kung Fu school and his confidence shot up and as you can see from the above Sifu Bryan has not look back since.

But with all these so call setbacks this has given Sifu Bryan the experience, patients and that never say die attitude and not giving up. His understanding of different types of personalities makes him feels qualified to can help his students and to help them get success in the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Style.

Sifu Bryan is very passionate in what he does and has successfully helped many of his students with similar problems and many more to just becoming a better human being. Of course if the student does not come with an open heart then there is not much you can do but with an open heart you can conquer the world.

BCCMA British Council For Chinese Martial Arts, Myself and fellow judges at the Watford kung fu Nationals Competition July 2019

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