Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu


As a man, woman or child it is the standard in the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Style that the Men, Women and Children develop supreme confidence, speed, power, strength, flexibility endurance, fitness, awareness, better concentration, more energy, coordination, spiritual awareness, patience, mindfulness, stress management and meditation.

If these are the qualities that you would like to have then Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is definitely the style for you. Some of the qualities of the Northern Praying Mantis style are that it is very brave, has a big heart, it never gives up no matter the odds. The Praying Mantis has a supreme genius tactical mind that always outwits his opponents and the Mantis always stays calm under pressure, remains cool and calculated. The Mantis adapts his tactics to the fighter or its prey and takes his environment into consideration.

We can also fight at long and short range very comfortably. Just imagine having these qualities; you would be someone worthy of respect and someone not to be mess around with and on the other side of the pendulum you will have an irresistible charm and charisma.

If you are interested in learning these deadly Martial Arts skills then there is no time like the present to join this amazing school. Our school starts from the basics to senior level, first focusing on the foundation techniques that will allow you to learn and excel in Kung Fu giving you an unfair advantage over other Kung Fu systems.

Unlike some Kung Fu systems, not only will you be able to demonstrate your style but you will learn how to fight using your Kung Fu skills in a competent manner as this is one of the few systems that can actually be used very competently on the streets. If you already have Martial Arts experience, you will find a wealth of knowledge and techniques within this system which will only enhance what you already know and make you into a better Kung Fu fighter.

Please note we train Monday evenings for the adults and Saturday mornings for the children class and we are base in the London Borough of Haringey.

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